This evening we wanted to eat in a Greek restaurant with the guys from yesterday. But they called us and told us that it is not possible today, we will go tomorrow... maybe.

Because we, could be that it was more me than Eva, decided that we have to practise our spoken English, we went out this evening and we estabished rules to make it more funny:

- Speak to (at least) 3 different people

- Speak to them at least 5 minutes

- Your speaking should include:
- Why you are in Hawaii
- What you like on Hawaii
- What is your job at home
- What are your hobbies (in Hawaii compared with hobbies in the own country)
- (optional) invent a new name or a new job or whatever...

- The conversational partner should not be older than 40 years

We were walking down the street looking for potential conversational partner. But it wasn't as easy as we though... After a few unsuccessfull minutes we sat down somewhere to speak about what we want to do and suddenly we had 5 Australian guys around us. They just arrived today... They were symphatic and we decided to go and have a drink with them (or they decided this for us...).

And of course, when I want to go in a Pub I always have to explain that in Switzerland the date is written in the other way - so first day and then month! First it was funny but now it started to annoy me. I gave my passport to the bouncer and because I knew that he will think the date is written the other way I began to explain and wanted to show him the visa, where he can see that I'm not lying (5 FEB), but he didn't care what I said, did not listen to me and finally he looked at me and said "you're too young sweetheart..."!  I mean, my dear darling, here are a lot of European people (sweethearts), a bouncer should know that there are different ways to write a date... Yes there is more than America, dumbass!

However - I finally got in there...

I think the Australians were a little (or more) drunken and one of them was very brash (you should find out which one it is on the upper picture... ).

Or you can find out which one it is on the following picture:

So I started to talk to someone other in this bar. He was also from Australia and very friendly.

But from time to time I had to take care of a girl who was crying the whole evening in the bar. I didn't know her but for this evening she defined Eva and me as her best friends... She gave me her number and I should call her tomorrow. She was very drunken and she explained that her boyfriend droped her last week and the ex-boyfriend was in the same bar and therefore we proposed to change the bar. And so we did... all together, all the Australians and the cheerless girl...

There we get to know a military guy and spoke a little with him... was interesting.

We did not stay a long time - but as you could read: we had our speaking exerciseSmile.