Our last weekend...Cry.

We decided to relaxe a little today... So we slept in and after our breakfast we went to the beach... towards afternoon we went back to our room... I'm not sure if it is allowed to write this, but actually we got bored of the beach - just laying around...

In the afternoon we went to the pool with our magazines and our English books. It was veeeery hot and we were the whole afternoon rotating between pool and canvas chair...

At any time the sun beat us and we went back in our room...

And there I was innocent on the balcony and suddenly I saw something that I really didn't want to see. Something I can't keep back... sorry: 

Why did he this to me? Why was I on the balcony?

And now try to put this picture out of your head!

In the evening we ate in a mexican restaurant, the food was very tasty Smile.

After this we went shopping, the shops are open till...hmm... endless? I don't know, they are always open when I need them. I bought a very nice suitcase, because I realised that, for unaccountable reasons , I will not have enough space for all my things. I came with a small suitcase... but I'm not very happy about the fact that I have now two piece of luggage... However.

The time definitely passed too fast!

Next Friday and Saturday are my final examinations. For Saturday we have to clean our appartement and to wash everything. And on Sunday I have to get up around 4.30 am because my flight is very early. And I have to pack my stuff (I already started... ). And of course I want to celebrate on Saturday and say goodbye to everybody... Too many things in my head... I will be happy when I will finally reach San Diego!